Software Engineering

Basics of Software Engineering

Software Engineering is about Why are we Designing a new system What are it's Basic requirements Should it be developed Procedures and Solutions that can be followed to design a new system Intro to Software engineering SDLC Models SDLC Phases Documentation and SRS Feasibility Study UML Modular and Structured Design User Interface Design

Web Technologies

Extensible Markup Language

XML is a language that has vast applications ranging from data transfers over Internet to the layout design in Android. It is important to learn this language as it is integrated with various other technologies for many applications. Introduction to XML XML for Beginners

Computer Networks

Introduction to Data Communication

Data communication is the transfer of data from one device to another via some form of transmission medium.A data communications system must transmit data to the correct destination in an accurate and timely manner. The five components that make up a data communications system are the message, sender, receiver, medium, and protocol. Text, numbers, images,… Continue reading Introduction to Data Communication

Web Technologies

The Internet

We use internet in our daily life. But very few know how it really works. Understanding internet is foremost important task in understanding web technologies.These presentations will provide seriatim approach to internet, it's services and tools used in web designing plus brief intro to web servers Introduction to internet Internet Service Tools Required For Creating… Continue reading The Internet